Sermon Round Table Discussion is held each Sunday morning 9:30 – 10:15am. Participants discuss the sermon from the following Sunday, digging deeper in the Scriptures, exploring the sermon meaning, and sharing personal reflections. 

Fellowship Groups – All regular attenders of NBMC are encouraged to participate in a Fellowship Group. Meetings happen on almost every night of the week and groups are diverse enough to accommodate almost anyone place and situation in life. Learn more about Fellowship Groups here.

Annual Church Retreat at Camp Hebron is a great time of fellowship and fun for the entire church. The annual talent show simply cannot be missed.

Annual Women’s Retreat at NBMC is a time of fellowship and renewal for women away from the hectic daily schedule of home and work.

Annual Men’s Retreat in May is a time of spiritual connection, discussion, and prayer for men.

Membership Classes are available for people seeking to be baptized.