Local ministries

Reservoir Hill House of Peace

Reservoir Hill House of Peace (RHHP) is a ministry of hospitality and outreach of North Baltimore Mennonite Church. The mission of RHHP is to provide a intentional community rooted in Christian values, where persons of diverse cultures and faiths learn from each other and engage the surrounding Reservoir Hill neighborhood.  

RHHP hosts three or four asylum seekers at a time through the Asylum Seekers Housing Network, another ministry of NBMC.

Core Values:

  • Service – We strive to serve each other with love.  We also work to serve our neighborhood and Baltimore City.  Our acts of service may seem small, but we know they have a positive and lasting impact.
  • Simple Living – We embrace efforts to live more simply and sustainably.  We seek opportunities to share resources, consume wisely, grow our own food, walk, bike, or take public transit, compost, recycle, conserve energy, and take time to read a good book.
  • Peace and Reconciliation – Because God has reconciled all things through Jesus, we, too, work for reconciliation and peace at RHHP, in our neighborhood and in our daily lives.  We value our connection to the Mennonite Church and seek to engage church members in our work of reconciliation.
  • Cultural Exchange – We come from different cultures within the U.S. and from around the world.  We desire to learn from each other, share cultural practices, taste different foods, and appreciate the beauty of our different backgrounds.
  • Spirituality – RHHP is a ministry of North Baltimore Mennonite Church.  With Jesus at the center, we walk together and support each other in the multifaceted spiritual journey of the life we experience individually and as a community.  We encourage individuals to engage in spiritual practices.

For more information about RHHP’s mission and residential opportunities in this engaging, faith-based community, contact ruthkclemens@gmail.com

Check out the RHHP Facebook page.

Asylum Seekers Housing Network 

The Asylum Seekers Housing Network (ASHN) is a ministry of NBMC in Baltimore.   ASHN provides housing and a supportive community to asylum seekers as they work through the legal asylum process and work towards independence in this country. Asylum seekers live at the Reservoir Hill House of Peace, bringing their strengths and diversity to this intentional community. They benefit from the supportive community and social engagement with RHHP and the broader NBMC community as part of their transition to life in the United States.

Clients usually stay with ASHN for 6 to 12 months.  Once they acquire a legal work permit, they are on a trajectory toward independence and normally exit the program a few months later.  ASHN partners with the Asylee Women Enterprise (AWE) for referrals and client case work, including legal support, mental health and physical health referrals, language classes, and other independence-oriented services.  Learn more about AWE.  

Other ministries

These additional ministries in the U.S. are supported through donations from NBMC’s annual budget: